You are ready for a fresh approach to your life.

One that puts YOU in the driver's seat.


It is time to prioritize you for a change.  (I know you are taking good care of others!)  When was the last time you talked with someone about your life path and received the personal attention you deserve? 


It’s rare for anyone to be truly heard by a trained professional. As a certified Mastery-Level Transformational Coach, I create a supportive environment that will enable you to get clear on your life path, career, and what you're on Earth to contribute.

After more than a decade of experience coaching hundreds of women, I have a unique set of tools to guide you in reconnecting with the wisdom within you, helping you create new habits (physical and mental) by eliminating the guilt, shame, blame, and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.  The best part? All it takes is your commitment to make change, total honesty with yourself, and willingness to take small, simple steps.

It's time.

...To move past your fears.

...To live your passion, and be a contribution.

...To love life.


Ready to get started? 


  Photo by Tonya Lewis Photography

Photo by Tonya Lewis Photography

  Photo by Grace Marcellino Photography

Photo by Grace Marcellino Photography

One-on-one support

What if there was a simple, enjoyable path to exactly the life you desire? What if you could walk the path with gentle, yet powerful guidance? I offer a limited number of women an individualized 4 month experience.

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Group Experiences

Wherever conscious women gather, there is powerful wisdom. I offer several group experiences each year. Find the opportunity that fits what you seek (online or in person).

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