Hi there! My name is Blue.

Yup, just like the color. And yes, it's my real, given name. Kinda fun, right? I am a mother of two, wife, Master Coach, and globe-trotting student of human behavior who calls Arizona home.

I am so glad you found my site! Truly.

My deepest desire is to live in a world filled with enlivened women, women who are living on purpose, with a purpose. What stops far too many of us is not feeling up for it, physically and emotionally - and lacking the clarity and confidence to reach for our dreams.

Photo by Tonya Lewis Photography

Photo by Tonya Lewis Photography

I've been blessed with many teachers...

  • Living in different countries (USA, Kenya and Greece) has taught me that there are many ways to live a happy - and unhappy - life.
  • Serving as a Job Coach to individuals experiencing homelessness in Phoenix for 5 years taught me about how fragile, and resilient we are.
  • Becoming a mother taught me just how early our passions can be created. And my children continue to teach me humility, patience, and to enjoy the little things in life.
  • Studying at several colleges & institutes (American Medical College of Homeopathy, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Health Coach Institute) taught me to take charge of my wellness, and help others to do the same.
  • Training with HolisticMBA in the Transformational Coaching Method taught me how to get unstuck and out of my own way. Taking this training to the Mastery level helped me rewire early subconscious beliefs so I could be free. Both trainings helped me serve my clients in a more meaningful, long-term way.
  • Working with women (and a few brave men) on their wellness revealed a common thread of dissatisfaction with their life work that I am actually more passionate about... and brought me back, full circle, to my earlier work as a Job Coach.

... and I bring what I've learned to you, in the form of a fresh approach to your career transition. No need to get caught up in all the noise, societal expectations, self-denial, or deprivation. I am your calm, gentle guide, leading you step-by-step to who you long to be. I believe you are wise, and that drawing out your wisdom will revolutionize your life, and the planet.

Dear Sister, let's connect. I can't wait.

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