Stressed? Need a Moment? Try this. (7 minutes)

I used to think meditating daily was a nice concept, but something only monks could actually manage to do. Who has time between working, parenting, household chores, and volunteering??  Sure, I meditated occasionally, and enjoyed how I felt afterwards.

And then one week I experimented with taking just a few minutes each morning to sit in stillness. It completely changed my life! I felt more calm, clear and spacious. It felt as though I actually had more time in the day (and the responsibilities of life felt less heavy)!

Now, I take mindful time each and every day, even if it's just 2 deep breaths. Ironically, it is easier to take more time when I'm under less stress, but I need it most when I am experiencing the most stress!

One of my favorite, easy ways to rest and reflect, especially on those stressful days, is to listen to a guided meditation. It's so nice to be guided back to internal peace!

Recently, I was inspired to record a guided meditation to share with you. This meditation came to me, all at once, while I was gazing a Blue Moon.... seriously, I never expected such a thing to happen to me, but the more I allow for stillness, the more I realize that the universe is communicating with me - with all of us - guiding us home.

Please set aside distractions for the next 7 minutes, get comfy, and have a listen. Afterwards, I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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