Mindful Drinking

I just returned from nearly two weeks on the coast of California. It was one of the best trips of my life...

From witnessing my children experience the ocean for the first time in Santa Monica, to reconnecting with old friends and relatives... to an incredible training with my mentors in San Francisco and journeys to beautiful places with a group of masterful coaches I am honored to call friends... it is a trip I will never forget.

And yet, there was a time I wouldn't have fully enjoyed such a trip. I would've been busy worrying that I hadn't picked the right place to stay, or that I hadn't packed the right supplies (I did forget to pack socks!), or that I wasn't doing enough each day.

Since I made the decision to slow down, follow my heart, and nourish my life, it has become easier to enjoy life experiences. And, thus, I was able to drink in my recent trip more fully than ever before.

Mindful eating has been a key practice for me, and one that I teach about. Over the weekend, I learned about mindful drinking - at a vineyard.

Wine Tasting is about...

  • Looking - at the view, grapes & wine
  • Smelling - the fresh air, and the wine
  • Feeling - the sun & breeze
  • Listening - to the sounds of a vineyard
  • Tasting - allowing the wine flavors to dance on your tongue
  • Connecting - with others who have paused life to have this experience

...and then drinking it all in.

I'm not saying that you have to go drinking at a vineyard to enjoy life. But I invite you to consider... When did you last hit "pause" to do something with all your senses? How can you do so today, even for 5 minutes? Please leave a comment below.


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