Resolve Your Dilemma

Being stuck in indecision is a terrible feeling, especially when it's about something important, and there are two choices that feel equally viable, yet diametrically opposed.

I've been there - many times. And I am grateful for the Mastery Coaching techniques I have learned to move gracefully through these situations. I find that when I feel deeply called to take two contradictory paths, there is always a solution that gives me all that I seek, and that honors all that I value.

I'm offering you one technique that you can try yourself, right now. And an offer to resolve your dilemma with my guidance, because some things simply cannot be sorted out solo. I call on a professional coach to resolve many of my dilemmas because that outside perspective from someone trained to hold space is invaluable!

But wait... What do dilemmas have to do with health?


Before I get to how to resolve your dilemma, you might be wondering "What does having a dilemma have to do with health?"

Great question! ...It has everything to do with it!  There is mounting evidence that stress hormones cause all kinds of problems in the body when they are produced too frequently (every day, multiple times a day, for example). From digestion, to immunity, to fertility... ongoing stress is wreaking havoc in your body!

What you find below are techniques that have helped dozens of my clients (and me!) to experience the relaxed state that comes after finally making a difficult decision.

Choosing Between Two Opposing Options: A 7 Step Process

  1. Get quiet. Eliminate distractions, especially other people's opinions. Breathe, and tune in.
  2. Imagine yourself choosing one of the options. Walk through the decision, and the results of that decision with your mind's eye. Make note of how it feels in your body to have made this choice.
  3. Shake your shoulders. Breathe.
  4. Imagine yourself choosing the other option. Walk through the decision, and the results of that decision with your mind's eye. Make note of how it feels in your body to have made this choice.
  5. Shake your shoulders. Breathe.
  6.  Notice which choice felt better in your body.
  7. Make this choice now. Be bold, and go for it! You got this!

Many decisions can be made using the process above. But sometimes, this process isn't enough. If that is the case for you, I have a very special invitation. This is something I have never offered before, although I have used these techniques to help dozens of women make decisions during my 90-Day "Find Your Balance" Experience, so I am confident that I can help you.

Special Offer: "Resolve Your Dilemma" Package

When: Anytime (thru July 13, 2015) - you will find my calendar thru the "Book Now" button below, and you can book it today!

Where: By phone

What should I expect? You will write up a brief summary of your dilemma, and send it to me ahead of your session. The session itself will run up to 90 minutes. During that time, I will ask you a series of questions designed to navigate you to clarity. Please eliminate distractions during your phone session. It is 100% confidential, and there is no way you can do it wrong. You can relax into the process. We will have another phone conversation for 30 minutes within 2 weeks of your session for accountability, and celebration.

What if this doesn't work? If you gain no benefit from your session & follow up, your investment will be refunded.  You have nothing to lose but the agony of indecision!

What is the investment? The relief from your agony will be priceless. The investment is just $197

Click on the "Book Now" button below to resolve your dilemma!

Having trouble deciding whether to sign up? ;)  Here's what others had to say about this experience:

“Blue led me through an amazing exercise that really helped me to move from anxious and upset about my options, to peaceful and grateful. She is a wonderful listener and lovely to work with.”
— -Yvonne L.K., Walnut Creek, CA
“Blue is an amazing coach. She intuitively taps into what her clients are feeling and is able to guide them to practical solutions that create real change. After one session with her I felt more clear on what I needed to let go of and what I needed to move forward with. I highly recommend working with Blue. Her warm nature allows you to feel supported in the process and her talent as a coach gets you unstuck.”
— -Leanna L,, San Diego, CA