The Blesssing in the Unraveling

It has been a truly amazing summer - family time, clearing clutter, working with inspiring women, a romantic getaway, reunions with dear friends, a life-changing trip to California...

And, now back to "regular life." The landing has been turbulent... The day after I returned from California, my husband was in a major crash that totaled our car. Our children have been extra emotional ever since (aka lots of temper tantrums!). And then we discovered lice in my son's hair, which lead to a regrettable Google search (regrettable because it was completely overwhelming!). It felt like my life was unraveling...

And yet, even through it all, I feel grateful and blessed. For what?

1. The most important things are going well.

My husband walked away from the crash, and my network of healers stepped up to help him make a speedy recovery from his back injuries. My children are safe and loved. And I faced one of my biggest fears - lice - only to discover it isn't so bad.

2. There is blessing in the unraveling.

My life has changed tremendously in the past few years. On this journey to become more of who I am, I find that as I change, there is a crumbling of the old me that can show up as messy, stressful challenges. There is blessing in this unraveling. Not only because of what's awaiting on the other side, but even within the breakdown, there are important insights and gifts.

For example, one of the blessings of lice was that it caused me to carefully comb through my children's hair. This helped me connect with them, and give them the love and assurance they needed after their father's accident.

I invite you to consider - what are the blessings in your unraveling? Can you see a way in which a new, more true, more powerful you can emerge because of (not in spite) of these challenges? Please leave a comment below!


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