What might you do if you didn't have to "earn" it?

The other day, I woke up with a desire for a "cocoon" day - you know, make some tea, curl up in a blanket with a novel... Immediately, I felt guilt creep in, and carried on with my plans -  drop the kids at school, clean the house, work on my upcoming program offerings. I turned on my computer, expecting myself to be productive. I have big plans! I am ambitious! I'll rest only after my to-do list is complete.

...But it didn't work. I couldn't focus. I started craving sugar. And I definitely wasn't productive. As I considered yet another strategy to get myself to work (baking cookies!), I realized I was fighting myself. I took a deep breath. And I let go. I turned off the computer, made some tea, and checked in with my body. She needed a day off!

Photo by Chicky Poo Photography

Photo by Chicky Poo Photography

It didn't matter that I'd recently taken some time off - for a retreat, and then to recover from a cold.

I don't need to earn the ability to nourish myself. Somehow, this is something I forget. Even though I regularly remind my clients and friends of this truth...even though it is a key principle I stand for... I still need a reminder. I still get caught up in old ways of thinking.

Thanks to a lot of deep inner work, coaching, and community, it has become easier and easier to catch myself, and let those thought patterns go.

We Mamas tend to carry around a barrier to our own truth called Motherhood Guilt. The way it shows up varies (no time for self, unreasonable expectations, inability to afford something that would be really nourishing, taking time for self but not enjoying it...), but the source is the same -- the misunderstanding that the best way to contribute to our families is to deny ourselves.

I invite you to consider that the opposite is true. The best way to contribute to those we love is to nourish ourselves. You probably already know this. I invite you to allow this truth in deeper, into your heart so that you live from it, easily and naturally.

I've found that the best way to develop this way of being is to have the right support (including releasing deeply held limiting beliefs through masterful coaching) and accountability (from people who believe in you).

Imagine what you might do if you didn't have to "earn" it?

What is on your heart to do that you hold back from doing? Just last week, I had clients share with me that they would paint, charge for what they currently do for free, travel the world, make videos, be fully present to a child (no doing dishes while halfway listening!), and talk to a partner openly and honestly about desires. These are intelligent, strong women. What holds them back? Only themselves. I am honored to support them in living more of their truth, shedding the motherhood guilt that no longer serves them.

Ready to do the same? Here are two steps to get started...

  1. Take nice, deep breathe. Yup, right now.... and on your next inhale, breathe from your core (or womb). Close your eyes, and take a few breaths from there, tuning into your knowing. It may help to place a hand on your belly. Begin with a simple greeting to your body. "Hello." Ask yourself what you need in this moment. Listen, allowing the answer to come, not from your mind but from your body, through your breath. Be ok with no answer. Try this again later. And tomorrow. And when an answer emerges, take action. Build trust with your inner guide. She is a trustworthy source of wisdom.
  2. Share your experience in the comments below. What would you love to be doing or experiencing? What was it like to tune into your body? You never know who you may inspire by what you share!. And I guarantee that when you share, your experience with be richer, and your odds of taking action increase.

**Bonus step - if you are ready NOW to live more fully - Hop on the phone with me. Gain clarity, ask me anything, learn more about resources to bring ease into your experience. Choose a time on my calendar here.