Letting Go

I just filled the recycle bin - again. I'm clearing clutter from my home office, and already feeling the inspiration to create coming through the space that's opening up... writing is one of my favorite creative outlets, and connecting with you through writing this newsletter inspires me every time.

Today, as I let go of physical things, I want to share with you about a dear friend who is on my heart because of what she taught me about letting go...

Seneca travels a lot. She is a free spirit, expressing love openly and connecting deeply wherever she goes, even if she never sees a person she connects with again.

She has no need for ownership - of people, houses, things... Becoming close friends with her years ago shifted something within me.

As a child, my family moved many times, and the ache of missing friends I left behind became more and more painful. Without realizing it, I was building a wall around my heart, only connecting with those I was guaranteed to see again.  But Seneca helped me realize (simply by exuding love without attachment) that I was missing out on enriching experiences and people by walling myself off in this way... I love to travel, but was closed to the people I met along the way. The truth is, we never truly know what will happen in the future, nor who we will or won't see again.

Now instead of requiring friends to be nearby for me to be close with them, I am able to revel in their next adventure, wherever it takes them... I am filled with gratitude that our journeys caused us to cross paths... that I have them to miss. I am free to love and connect. I have dear friends across the globe. I love them whether I see them or not.

And if I am free in this way, perhaps I can be free in other ways... by letting of the need to own or control anything that I desire... the perfect vacation, meal, moment, clients... and instead surrender and trust that what I desire longs for me too... that we will find each other, and in beautiful ways I could not have foreseen. Instead of grasping and earning what I want, what if I let go and simply allow myself to have it?

I'm curious... what are you holding on to that you may benefit from letting go? ...unhealthy habits... limiting beliefs... clutter... perfectionism... self-doubt... wishing for a previous time in your life to return...

I'd love to have a conversation to support you in letting go, and in receiving what you really want in life. I invite you to book a time on my calendar here, so we can hop on the phone with open hearts, open to possibility, unattached to outcome.