Mother's Day - fresh gift ideas

I have to be honest. Mother's Day disappoints me every year.

I know it's just an arbitrary day to celebrate Moms, and I shouldn't have expectations, but I do. I want the day to be relaxing… I wish all the chores would be done…. the food prepared… and the day planned by anyone but me.... in short, the chance to fully unwind. And I want the same for my mother. Somehow, it hasn't happen that way.

This year, I’m taking a different approach to Mother’s Day, and I invite you to join me.

First, I am asking for what I want!  I may not get it all, but if I don’t ask, I definitely won’t receive.

Second, I’m looking into unique gifts, and am sharing a few below. Take a look. If you’re seeking a gift, I hope you gain some inspiration. If you’re a mother who would love to receive one of these gifts, please share this message to your loved ones. 

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #1

Let her sleep in, and take the kids out for at least 6 hours, leaving her with a clean house.
That's it. That's what she wants. 

Bonus that puts this one over the top of awesome: Arrange for her favorite restaurant to deliver food while you're gone. And chocolate. Definitely chocolate that she doesn't share with anyone.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #2

Why not give a gift that truly keeps on giving?! 

I love my aeroponic garden so much, and have asked for this gift so often, that I now own 3 of them!  A few highlights:

  • Grow up to 28 plants in a 3 sq ft space
  • Grow indoor, outdoor, on a patio, balcony, school, anywhere!
  • No dirt, no weeding, far fewer pests (easy to grow organic)
  • Uses just 10% of the water of an in-ground garden (water is recirculated)
  • Use any seeds you like!  (No root veggies, but all else is possible)

My friend calls it “Gardening for Dummies” – No, Mama isn’t a dummy, but she doesn’t have time for complicated!

***Learn more, and order online here.  (Or hit reply with questions)

Tip: Set up Mom's new garden for her!  It’s super easy to maintain after that! (my kids take care of mine)

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #3

Give her MAGIC… 

Sign her up for Magical Mother’s Day!

Photo by Grace Marcellino Photography

Photo by Grace Marcellino Photography

I'm delighted to team up with Jennifer Hoeprich (of Moxie Midwifery & Moxie Meditation), and eight of our favorite healers to offer this annual nourishing event..."6 Hours of Awesome" is how Jennifer describes it. And boy will it ever be!!... Massage, reiki, henna organic lunch, sisterhood, guided meditation... by the end of the day, we will be a bunch of blissed out Mamas...

The best part? It’s NOT on Mother’s Day… it’s a week later. So, if Mom is disappointed with how Mother’s Day went, she has this event to look forward to! ;)

Magical Mother’s Day
Saturday, May 19th from 10:00am to 4:00pm
Mesa, AZ
***Check out the full details (and grab one of the final 8 spots) here.

Please add your gift ideas in the comments below!