5 signs that it may be time to change your career

Inertia.  You know the feeling.  The more you keep doing what you're doing, the more you keep doing what you're doing.

I was trapped by inertia this spring, continuing to identify myself as a health coach because I had been one already for so many years (6 years to be exact).  But it had been at least a year since I was lit up about wellness.  I was no longer reading about nutrition for fun, I was avoiding talking about my work, and found myself recycling old content instead of sharing new, inspired content...  that's when it hit me.  I was experiencing (and resisting!) a career transition.

Funny enough, in my case, I was transitioning to a career... as a Career Transition Coach! Looking around, I realized that all of my clients in the past year had been women feeling stuck in their jobs, seeking a path to more fulfillment.  For each of them, I had combined powerful habit change strategies with job coaching resources from my previous career... full circle!

Blue contemplating at Arcosanti.jpg

Whatever your experience, here are 5 sure fire signs that you too may be embarking on a career transition:

  1. At the end of the day, you feel depleted.
    Tired is different than depleted. Even if you were tired, you used to also feel fulfilled at the end of your work day (or imagined you would). Now the clock seems to slow down, and you're dying to be done with your work day.

  2. You're way more interested in other careers than your own.
    The books and articles you read are unrelated to your work. You're curious about how people got to do really fun or crazy kinds of jobs. You daydream about doing something, anything, but what you're supposed to be doing at work right now. (Like reading this blog post perhaps!)

  3. You avoid talking about your work.
    Whether with current friends, or new people you meet, you dread questions like "What do you do?" or "How are things going at work?"

  4. You easily connect with others around hating work.
    Perhaps you don't mind talking about work with your friends, but only to list and compare complaints.

  5. When you reach a goal or promotion, the excitement is short-lived (or non-existent).
    You finally reach that goal you've been working toward, or that promotion you've been wishing for... and drum roll... nothing. The excitement that should be there isn't. Instead there's a sense of "Is that it?"

It is challenging to change careers.  From bills to pay, a family to feed, fear of what starting over may be like, concern about what others will think, to lack of clarity about what exactly to pursue next (what if you pick the wrong thing?)... there are many reasons we remain stuck in a career we no longer enjoy.

I'll be sharing more tips and tricks I use with my clients in the coming months.  And, if you'd like to chat personally about your situation, hop on my calendar here.  These are my favorite conversations!

In the meantime, please comment below how you know (or knew) it's time for a career change!