A surprisingly simple method to ride the waves of this season

I was just sitting in a circle of women discussing the “wave” many of us are feeling.  The ebbs and flows of life are often heightened this time of year. Joy. Grief. Inspiration. Doubt. Expansion. Contraction. Sunshine. Rain. Inhale. Exhale.

For me, it’s been the flow of facilitating powerful events, followed by health concerns at home.  When I’m leading a retreat, I’m expanding, and inviting participants into that expansion. When my little ones are hurting, I contract, closing in, protecting home.

There was a time that I would have created a less-than-helpful story about this.  A story like “things can only get so good, and then it’s time for the other shoe to drop.”

But now, although life feels quite full, and some moments stressful, my sense of self goes with the flow.

How? What’s different?

Many things have contributed to my journey.  In the coming months, I’ll be sharing something about each one.

Today, I offer air.

May 17 Blog.jpg

Let’s take a nice, deep breathe right this very moment…. Inhale…. Exhale… Ahhh…

Air is our most basic need. We share the air we breathe with everyone else on the planet, past, present and future.

The wind has the power to clear away, and transform.

Fresh air is healing.

Air is the central element of Spring.

Here are a few ways I’ve been welcoming air into my life:

  • As I write this, I am taking deep breaths along the way. There is expansion and contraction in the writing process.  My breath helps me work with it.

  • I led a retreat last weekend. At just the moment we were putting intentions into the creek nearby, a breeze came through, carrying our wishes.

  • As I sip coffee, I notice my breath rippling across the top of the liquid.

How might you connect with or benefit from air? I’d love to hear your ideas, and how you’re navigating this season of your life! Hop on over to my blog and leave a comment.

PS:  If you’ve wanted to attend one of my retreats, there is a unique opportunity coming up to join in for a full day experience in the beautiful, cool pine forest of Mountainaire, Arizona. (Notice the word “air” in the name of the location. We will enjoy fresh air for sure.)

Note: Most of my retreats are part of an ongoing group experience, so this is a rare drop-in opportunity.

Plus... if you want to make a weekend out of it, the venue has a few spaces for lodging! (Booked separately)

june day retreat-01.jpg