What if the other shoe drops?

“I feel so inspired. I have momentum and confidence! … but what if it doesn’t last?”

Sound familiar? I’ve had many clients recently expressing something similar.  It’s that sense that the “other shoe” may drop at any time, that a good feeling cannot be trusted to last.

I think they expect me to reassure them their high vibes can be permanent.

Instead, my question to this particular client was “What if it doesn’t last, and that’s ok?”

There was an extended pause... I felt her relax, instinctually feeling the truth of that. My breath slowed to match hers.

And then we had a discussion that may be helpful to you too.

We talked about cycles, seasons and flow.

You see, we live in a culture that honors action, momentum, productivity, results... the outward, fire-like energy of summer, socializing and taking charge.

Yet, humans are not designed to be in this state at all times. 


Nothing in nature holds this kind of energy non-stop. 

  • Crops grow best when the soil has time to be fallow. 

  • Animals have active times, and resting times. 

  • The moon is not always full.

  • Flowers are not always blooming.

Summer is just one season, one that we can enjoy, and trust in its return. And summer would not be what it is without winter. 

A little story to illustrate what I mean...

In college, I lived in a small Ohio town. Walking to class in a winter storm was brutal (it was literally uphill both ways from my apartment!  It was also downhill both ways, but that’s beside the point). ;)

When spring finally arrived, the collective delight was palpable, people sitting on their porches, soaking up the sunshine, and chatting with neighbors. It was a great time to make new friends, to throw a party, and enjoy that uphill journey to class.

When I moved to sunny central Arizona, I thought maybe this delight would be a year-round thing, but it wasn’t. Without the winter to cocoon, reflect, and imagine the coming of spring, there was nothing unique about beautiful weather. In fact, many people (including me after a few years) rejoiced in storms and cold weather!

So far, it may sound like winter is simply there to help us appreciate other seasons. But it is much more than that.


The winter “lull” contains incredible gifts. It’s a time to reflect, release what is no longer useful, and gain clarity on what is important moving forward.

Of course, right now it is summer, but cycles and seasons within us occur each month, week, and even day. 

Do you ever have a great idea in the shower? Or upon waking? Or while walking, or driving your usual route?  You are experiencing the benefits of that “other shoe drop”! If there had been no lull, such clarity may not have become available.

There’s a wonderful TedTalk on this topic you might enjoy by Manoush Zomorodi here.

Although we can honor the challenges of the “ebb” in “ebb and flow,” it becomes less burdensome when put into perspective, when you remember that it isn’t a permanent state, and that there are gifts to be had within it, even if our society doesn’t celebrate it.

I’d love to know how this lands for you, and how you embrace your inner winter season. Please leave a comment.

To Your Success,