Find Your Balance

90 Day Experience



Thank you for taking the time to share deeply with me. I honor your commitment to yourself, and congratulate you on taking this step for you, and your family. I can't wait to get started! First, a few key details...

During the coming 90 Days, you will learn new ways to find (and implement!) your unique balance for more energy, emotional stability, a healthy weight, and restful sleep.

We will work together to identify and remove the blocks that have been holding you back. It's time to end the war with yourself. It's time to stop feeling stuck in the same old ruts! It's time to sit confidently in the driver's seat of your life!

As I see it, there are 3 main components that make overcoming big challenges doable:

  • The right system
  • The right support
  • The right accountability
“Blue is a phenomenal mentor and coach in all aspects of health and self-care. Her wisdom and experience shine through her warm, professional attitude and approach. She is easy to talk to and really guides you toward your goals using reflection to help you find clarity. She helps develop attainable, measurable action steps that really make an impact. Coaching with Blue will leave you feeling empowered, grounded, and refreshed.”
— Bethany Sawmill, Phoenix, AZ Co-Owner of Phoenix Family Birth

 Here's the Plan:

We will have 3 sessions per month (the 4th week is for integrating)  During these sessions, we will discuss your goals, co-create action plans, check in about previous plans, and use the Transformational Coaching Method to uncover (and eliminate!) internal blocks.

While "Find Your Balance" is a highly individualized experience, the general flow of the Program looks like this:

Month 1 - Gaining Clarity, and Clearing Clutter

Month 2 - Taking Empowered Action, and Developing New Rhythms

Month 3 - Sustaining Your New Experience

Each session will vary, based around your individual needs. Some examples of things we may do together:  explore new eating habits, develop a plan to organize your home, troubleshoot parenting struggles, meditate, laugh, rewire your subconscious beliefs, develop a business plan, prepare for a challenging conversation, go through handouts or action plans... it all depends on you, and what you need most. If you're not sure what you need at any given session, don't worry! I am your calm, intuitive guide. You can relax, reflect, and recharge during our sessions.

Bonuses -- In addition to our sessions, you will have an opportunity to attend a public class or online experience that occurs during the coming 90 days. Plus, you will receive a complimentary 90-minute massage from my favorite massage therapist, Nurtured Mama! (If you're not in the Phoenix area, I will hire your favorite local massage therapist!)

You will also have my full, ongoing support via email or text, and each month you can reach out for a 10-minute "Accountability" call - for those moments you need a little extra nudge or reminder that you're on track.

The real work, however, happens in your daily life, outside of our sessions. "Find Your Balance" is designed to help you show up to life more confident, in tune with your inner wisdom, and with renewed vibrance! You'll be putting what you learn and discover into action right away, fully supported. You are ready!


The Nuts and Bolts:

For those (like me) who like to see it all in a bullet pointed list, here's what is included in your experience:

  • 9 one-on-one sessions, 30-60 minutes in length, to create action steps to nurture your wellness, receive support and mindset coaching, and check in on your progress.
  • E-mail  & text support between sessions
  • Individualized handouts, recipes, and other materials.
  • One 10-minute “Accountability Call” per month (3 total) if needed, for additional support. (Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 7:30pm, as available only) To be scheduled via text.
  • Bonus! A free pass to a group experience (to be agreed upon during the first session)
  • Bonus! A free 90-minute massage
“Our sessions helped me see the truth and address some deep rooted issues that are critical to my being the mom that my son needs, the wife that my husband needs, and the person that I need to be for myself.

The biggest hugest most important thing I have learned through tuning in to you and your work is that it all starts with ME! I cannot ignore me and still expect to heal and move forward.

There is no more important work that I could possibly be doing right now than this work, and it is making me a better, more patient, kinder and more aware person.”
— Rachel, Dallas, TX


Pay-in-full = $1,997

3 Installments = $727 each ($2,181 total)


How to Get Started:

First, Sign the Program Agreement that was emailed to you (Please let me know what questions you have about anything in this agreement)

 Second, schedule your first session:

  1. Go to My Calendar.
  2. Choose "Coaching Session"
  3. Pick a time that works for you.
  4. Enter the CC info and billing address you'll be using for payment.
  5. Under "Additional Info" let me know what you prefer: payments or in-full. (Also indicate the name on the card if not yours)

Third, look for a confirmation message from me (add to your contacts to be sure you receive this and other important correspondence)

Please reach out with questions. Let's get started!!

Blessings and Balance,