Distributor Training!

During this 2 hour, highly interactive workshop, you will learn..

  • How to move from "struggle and stress" to "flow & success."

  • The most powerful ways to release limiting beliefs so you can be unstoppable!

  • The importance of who you are being (not just what you are doing) to the success of your business.

  • A powerful technique to start using with your team right away.

  • First access to an upcoming experience that will take your leadership skills to the next level, unleashing the potential of your team!

What clients of Blue Russ are saying...

Before I started coaching with Blue, I was afraid to really set a goal and believe in it for fear of failing. Further, I was stuck with the limiting belief that to “make money” in my life somehow meant I was a lesser person. Through Blue’s insightful and masterful guidance, I was able to peel away those major blocks holding me back from where I belong and break through to the leader I have dreamed of being. I no longer fear committing myself to goals and know deep down that to succeed in this business only makes me more of who I am. I continue to use the tools Blue taught me through my coaching experience to move my business forward and it is so much fun to see my team finally blossoming and making a bigger impact in the world around us! Thank you Blue!
— Amanda, Wellness Educator, and Juice Plus Distributor
“Blue helped me understand that the fears holding me back were rooted in things that no longer served me. She helped me see how small they were compared to my purpose. Talking to Blue also helped me unfold parts of myself I didn’t realize I longed to expose, and that is when I started attracting clients! After a session with Blue, I come out feeling more creative and confident. I have learned to accept where I am with my business and what to do with the little time I can put into it.”
— Raychel, Health Coach, and Reiki Master

Your Instructor...

Blue Russ is a Mastery-Level Transformation Coach, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Intuitive Nourishment Coach. After 10 years of coaching people to live and feel their best, Blue found that her biggest passion is helping healers, and entrepreneurs live their purpose without financial struggle... Likely because she herself once held a limiting belief that to be a conscious, caring person she should not be wealthy.

As a child, she lived in Kenya, Africa, where she witnessed extreme poverty, and vowed never to be part of a system that would cause deprivation. Through work with her own coaches and healers, she now sees that deprivation comes from holding back our unique gifts from a world that needs what only we can offer, and that income can be a reflection of the good we do.

Blue is also a mother of two, a Tower Gardener, and Juice Plus Distributor.

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