Welcome to Your
Gentle Nourishing Cleanse

Welcome!  Below you will find all of the files you need to prepare and guide you through the cleanse process this week.  Please be sure to read through everything.  But first, a little video to welcome you and explain a bit more about how to prepare!  (By the way, I mention 5 documents in the video but you will find 6!) 


Here is a link to our Private Facebook Group - you'll need to send a request to join, don't worry, I will let you in!  This will be a wonderful venue to support each other this week, so be sure to join in and participate!

As promised, here are your materials (click on each one to download as a pdf):


Note: I put a lot of research, time, effort and love into this program and these documents.  If you have the desire to share or repurpose them, PLEASE contact me first.  Also know that nothing in these materials is intended to diagnose or treat disease. Please consult your intuition and/or trusted health care provider before making drastic changes or using supplements. You are in charge of your health!