You are ready for change.

You've tried a lot of things.

You are an intelligent woman.

...Yet you remain stuck, in a cycle of inertia, caught up in others' expectations of you.

You long to enjoy your work, and take more joy in your life.

You are ready to model self-love and following your dreams for your family. Because you know, in theory, those things are key to a good life. (Why is it so darn difficult to live up to your ideals?)

You are ready to end the war with yourself. Finally. And for good.

You are ready to fully express yourself in the world. You know the world needs what you uniquely bring.

...You are in exactly the right place.

“Blue is a phenomenal mentor and coach in all aspects of health and self-care. Her wisdom and experience shine through her warm, professional attitude and approach. She is easy to talk to and really guides you toward your goals using reflection to help you find clarity. She helps develop attainable, measurable action steps that really make an impact. Coaching with Blue will leave you feeling empowered, grounded, and refreshed.”
— -Bethany Sawmill, Phoenix, AZ Co-Owner of Phoenix Family Birth
Photo by Tonya Lewis Photography

Photo by Tonya Lewis Photography

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