Hey Mama!

...Have you been feeling sluggish, grumpy,and not quite the self you want to be?

...Do you have an idea of how to eat better, but feel overwhelmed with making it happen?

...Do you find it easy to slip into unhealthy habits even when you do try to improve?

Join me for a

Gentle Nourishing Cleanse

August 21-27, 2017

Let me guide and support you in getting your eating and energy back on track! (Your family will benefit too!)

You can participate from home with my support each step of the way!

It's time to hit a physical and mental reset button.  Join me in taking some time to put yourself first, to rejuvenate and re-energize!  I know you have a lot to do, so I created a cleanse that will fit into your life and leave you feeling energized!

There will be NO:

  • Fasting or Starvation
  • Guilt
  • Perfection
  • Failure

There will be LOTS of:

  • High quality (yet simple!) recipes
  • Relaxation
  • Fun & Laughter
  • Sisterhood
  • Support
  • Success

If you are ready to join me in a week of quality, delicious food, sign up now! You are worth it!

We will be eating:

  • More veggies & whole foods
  • More mindfully
  • Hydrating liquids
  • (We'll also be more conscious about sleeping, moving our bodies, breathing, and being in stillness)

We will set aside for 7 days:

  • Sugar
  • Animal-based products
  • Common allergens - gluten, corn, peanuts, soy
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Packaged foods (anything with over 5 ingredients)
fresh ingredients

This cleanse will take commitment, self-compassion and the support of your loved ones.  You will have to spend some time in the kitchen, some time in self-reflection and you will need to make time for adequate sleep.  You will receive:

  • Daily emails to guide you through the process
  • A grocery list
  • Recipes
  • Activities for your mind and spirit
  • Private Facebook Group to connect with other participants
  • Support from me all week
  • Bonus: A one-on-one wellness breakthrough session with me!
Blue at ocean

 This cleanse is highly adaptable, and we are not using vitamins or herbs, making this a safe approach even if you are pregnant or nursing. It is vital that you listen to your body throughout the cleanse. You should not go hungry or suffer.  There is always room for adaptation. This is especially true if you are growing or nursing a little one. (Note that this Cleanse is not designed to diagnose or treat disease. It is not a replacement for medical care.)

Ready to make this commitment to yourself?  Sign up now!

Investment is just $97!  (Registration closes at midnight on Saturday, August 19)

Or... With purchase of Juice Plus+ = $9
(While optional, Juice Plus+ is 30 raw fruits & veggies in a capsule, and is the perfect compliment to the Cleanse. Please contact info@blueruss.com for more detail on this option - or visit blueruss.juiceplus.com  Order must be placed by August 16)


Note: You do not need a Paypal account to complete your payment. Simply click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" when prompted to login to Paypal and use any major credit card.

What's it like to take this step for yourself?

Here is what past participants have said about this Cleanse:

I enjoyed thinking more about my food choices—I have a tendancy to just eat whatever is at hand. I am also listening to my body more. I liked that I lost weight, that my bowels are more regular, and that I just feel more...awake.”
— Laura in Akron, OH
I loved all the choices. This was truly eye opening. I never felt hungry or like I was really doing without. It inspired me to make foods that I have been wanting to for a long time and never made the time to do. It also introduced me to new foods. I loved the support I felt from everyone through FB.
— Susan in Mesa, AZ
The food is definitely satisfying and filling.
I’m finding that my digestion is much better and my stomach feels better.
— Jenny in Phoenix, AZ
I have been getting some great sleep this week. I think my body is loving the good food, meditation and lots of water!
— Kate in Madison, WI

Note: You do not need a Paypal account to complete your payment. Simply click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" when prompted to login to Paypal and use any major credit card.

Discount available to previous cleanse participants - just ask!