Let’s take a 3 month Journey Together…. It’s time to Live Your Purpose!

Something is whispering to you…  your body is speaking to you… there is work in the world calling to you…

  • But where is the time to do more?

  • How do you even find space to get clear on what it is that is calling you?

Yet, the tug is unmistakable.

The calling to give your gifts in a larger way in undeniable.

Now more than ever, the world needs women’s voices, and women’s truth. When we gather, both are amplified.


Imagine it… a world filled with women living their purpose…  This is exactly the world we would like to inhabit, and to raise the next generation in!

Yet, something holds you back. Something like…

  • obligation

  • being busy

  • feeling responsible for too many others

  • disconnection, isolation

  • inertia

  • the limiter of “I shouldn’t want more”

What if you could move boldly – and be lovingly held – through ALL that has been holding you back?

Truth: There is work in the work you’re uniquely created to do, ways of contributing that only you can, and experiences you are meant to have.

  • Maybe you know exactly what that is, but keep putting it off.

  • Maybe it’s an expansion of what you’re already doing, but you’re afraid of what might be sacrificed if you were to grow.

  • Maybe you’re not clear what your calling is.  There’s a part of you that keeps it shrouded in confusion in effort to keep you from feeling the loss of not fully living it.

I hear you sister.  You’re not alone.  I felt all of those things too.  And the two essential keys that allow me to fully embrace my purpose are:

  • Mentorship – guidance from someone living in a way I want to, who has the tools to support me through my heaviest doubts, and believes in me.

  • Sisterhood – the healing power of women coming together through a similar experience that I can learn from, and be reminded that I’m not alone


My name is Blue Russ. I am a co-founder of Magical Mama Retreats, and a Mastery-level coach, with over a decade of experience leading transformational experiences, and powerfully, lovingly guiding women just like you in busting through your deepest limiting beliefs so that you can finally come home to yourself.

I’m delighted to introduce to you an experience like none other.


The “Women on Purpose” journey begins February 2020

It is for you if you are ready to:

  • Gain clarity on your purpose

  • Align with an inspired vision for your life

  • Map out your unique step-by-step plan

  • And (most importantly) feel fully supported to implement it!

This 90 day experience includes:

  • 3 gatherings designed to help you gain clarity, feel connected, and keep your momentum moving forward

  • A full weekend (all-inclusive) retreat

  • Private high level coaching (you and me, diving deep)

  • Guest experts

  • Rich ongoing sisterhood:

    • A private forum for deeper connection, dialogue & support

    • An accountability sister who will hold you to your truth



Friday, February 7 – intro circle via Zoom

Saturday,  February 15 – opening circle in Flagstaff

Saturday, March 7 –  2nd circle in Flagstaff

Saturday,  April 4 – 3rd circle in Flagstaff

May 15-17 – weekend retreat (all inclusive) in Page Springs, Arizona

Ready to explore this opportunity?

Fill out this quick questionnaire 

And then I’ll contact you to have a conversation to determine if this is the right next thing for your life. (And if not, I’m happy to refer you to other resources that may be a better fit.)

I can’t wait for you to have the impact and fulfillment you were designed for!


PS: Most of these incredible images were captured from retreats I’ve hosted by a very magical mama – Tonya Lewis Photography.