"Blue has a special way of allowing me to feel at ease and safe. Through her deep listening and coaching skills she is able to gently guide me to what I know to be true for me. I have found the combination of her coaching abilities and knowledge about health, nutrition, and overall well-being are the best blend for me to grow and pursue my passions. If you are looking to experience a healthy you inside and out then Blue is the coach for you without a doubt!"

-Melissa P, Tacoma, WA

"Our sessions helped me see the truth and address some deep rooted issues that are critical to my being the mom that my son needs, the wife that my husband needs, and the person that I need to be for myself.

The biggest hugest most important thing I have learned through tuning in to you and your work is that it all starts with ME! I cannot ignore me and still expect to heal and move forward.

There is no more important work that I could possibly be doing right now than this work, and it is making me a better, more patient, kinder and more aware person."

-Rachel B., Tempe, AZ

"Blue guided me through a very difficult dichotomy--and helped me understand two seemingly opposing forces as in fact energy sources that feed each other. It's hard to condense the experience, but this is true-- if you are having anxiety about anything at all, this woman knows how to neutralize it.

Her ability to guide me to clarity, calm, and joy, was unexpected, powerful and illuminating. I now feel comfortable pursuing actions with a full heart and courage. Thank you Blue!"

-Anne-Marie V., Boston, MA

"Blue is a phenomenal mentor and coach. Her wisdom and experience shine through her warm, professional attitude and approach.

She is easy to talk to and really guides you toward your goals using reflection to help you find clarity. She helps develop attainable, measurable action steps that really make an impact. Coaching with Blue will leave you feeling empowered, grounded, and refreshed."

-Bethany Sawmill, Phoenix, AZ
Co-Owner of Phoenix Family Birth